Amos Goldwyn Parking – Privacy Policy


1. Liability

We have car parks that are fenced and patrolled by staff. The yard have cctv and are locked and secured. Every effort is made to keep your vehicle safe while in our care. We have security barriers, security fences and security cameras to make the car parks as secure as possible. However, parts of the car parks are open to the public and, whilst staff have instructions to remove anyone not authorised to be on the premises, the Company cannot guarantee the security of your vehicle nor its contents nor your belongings nor your personal safety. Customer’s vehicles are insured by the customers own insurance whilst in any car park that is in the company’s control. Whilst they are driven on the public highways by our staff they are insured by our own insurance cover.

The Company assumes that you will retain the return instructions/numbered receipt for your car in a safe place ready to present on your return.
Accordingly the Company;

1. Will accept liability in respect of the accidental damage to your vehicle that may arise only where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved to be caused by our negligence, wilful act or default or breach of statutory duty and only if the damage is reported before you and your vehicle leave the premises or in the case of our Meet and Greet Service before your vehicle is driven away after the driver has handed over the keys.

2. The Company does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature as the car park's open-air surface operations. Nor will the Company accept responsibility for minor scratches, dents or chips to paintwork. The company will also not be responsible or accept liability for any damage that cannot be seen and noted due to lighting or weather conditions or where the exterior of the vehicle is in a dirty state. The Company will also not accept responsibility for damaged windscreens or other glass, other than where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved to be caused by our negligence.

3. The Company does not accept responsibility or liability for any mechanical or electrical failure to vehicles whilst in its custody which includes flat batteries, key fobs, alarms and immobiliser. Nor will the Company accept responsibility for damaged wheels, tyres or punctured tyres, only where the same is proved to be caused by our negligence where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved by our negligence, wilful default or breach of statutory duty. The company does not accept responsibility or liability for the condition of the interior of the vehicle or damage to any items therein.

4. Your vehicle may remain where you parked it at the terminal car park for up to 90 minutes after you have handed us your key before your vehicle is moved. Amos Goldwyn Parking will not accept liability for any incident involving your vehicle until such time that it is moved by us. As you have parked your vehicle in an on airport car park, their prevailing Terms and Conditions will apply.

5. The Company is unable to accept black cabs, left-hand drive vehicles or vehicles fitted with disabled controls. In the event of a customer booking the service for one of these vehicles the Company will not accept any liability for any damage and your booking may be void.

6. The return instructions provided is also a receipt for your vehicle. If you do not have the return instructions with you, you will be asked to provide an alternative identification/proof of booking, which must match the name on the original booking. The Company cannot be held responsible if you lose your return instructions/numbered receipt and this is presented to the Company by a third party who uses it to fraudulently take delivery of your car.

7. The Company does not accept any responsibility or liability for delays of its services , caused as a result of circumstances beyond its control such as traffic congestion, road accidents, delayed flights, security alerts, severe weather conditions, luggage delays and immigration delays.

8. The Company is unable to accept vehicles that are fitted with a roof luggage box or towing a trailer that do not fall under the size restrictions within the airport car parks. In the event of a customer booking the service with an outsized vehicle (including a roof luggage box or trailer), the Company will not accept liability for any damage.

9. The Company will not be liable for any parking charges where the customer has arrived earlier than stated on booking or arrivals over 15 mins after the call of last bag collected. The Company will not be liable for insurance where the keys have not been left with our staff.

10. The Company reserves the right, where the vehicle value is over £150k, to leave the vehicle in the car park and the Company will not be liable for any parking charges.

2. Complaints procedure

Claims cannot be considered once vehicles have left the premises so please check your car before leaving or in the case of our Meet and Greet Service driven away after the Handover staff has handed over the keys.

Should your vehicle suffer damage whilst in the Company's care you must immediately inform the Duty Manager or the Handover staff of the alleged damage and where appropriate a Report Form will be completed and dealt with by our Customer Services Manager.

Where we consider an accident or incident to be the responsibility of Amos Goldwyn Parking Ltd we will repair your vehicle to its pre-accident condition or offer a market value offer for the salvage of your vehicle should it be considered beyond economical repair.

The company reserves the right to use their own approved repairer. Should you wish to use your own repairer then we reserve the right to ensure that the repair costs are fair and comparative to our recommended repairer. This may involve the inspection of your vehicle by an independent engineer or our insurer’s representatives. In the event of your vehicle being a total loss a fair market value will be the replacement cost of your car, taking into account an independent engineer’s opinion and market price for similar vehicles.

Where we consider an accident or incident to be the responsibility of a third party Amos Goldwyn Parking Ltd will refer all costs to the responsible third party and accept no liability for any financial loss incurred by you as a result of the incident, this includes the repair of your vehicle and any additional expenses. We would recommend that you refer the matter to your motor insurers to pursue the third party. Should you choose not to use this option then Amos Goldwyn Parking and their representatives will pursue the third party on your behalf but can not be held responsible for the duration of such claims when doing so and for the delay of the repairs to your vehicle that this can cause. Should there be a dispute on liability the company reserves the right to appoint our insurers to investigate.

Courtesy vehicles will only be supplied in the event where the Company are proven to be liable and when your vehicle is deemed to be unsafe to drive. It is a requirement that should you use your own preferred repairer then your repairer will be expected to provide a replacement vehicle at the repairer’s expense. Accident Management Companies; under no circumstances will the Company accept any claims from any third party Companies where Amos Goldwyn Parking have accepted liability and offered to repair your vehicle and supply you with a replacement vehicle at the Company’s expense. It is your responsibility to make Amos Goldwyn Parking aware of such claims before any action has been taken.

3. Security of vehicle and contents baggage

Please ensure before leaving the car park that all the windows of your vehicle are securely closed, all lights and electrical equipment are switched off and it is locked and the keys are handed over to the bus driver or to the driver in the case of our Meet and Greet Service. In the case of convertible cars please ensure that your hood is up and secure.

The Company is not liable or responsible for any loose items allegedly left in the customer’s vehicle. Customers should remove any such loose items before leaving the vehicle especially such items as sat navs, loose cash & sunglasses etc, because the Company cannot verify that these items were left in the vehicle. The bus driver MAY assist you with loading and unloading of your luggage. The Company cannot be held liable for lost or damaged luggage nor for another customer identifying your luggage as their own.

4. Personal safety

Please co-operate and obey any instructions given to you in the event of a fire, fire drill or accident. Smoking is prohibited on all our buses and in any buildings.

5. Time of arrival

You must call us when you are thirty mins from the terminal when dropping your car.

You are advised to allow for sufficient journey time to arrive at the car park at least 60 minutes prior to the check-in opening time, which is normally at least an hour and a half before your scheduled flight departure, given to you by your airline, travel operator or travel agent. In standard road conditions it can take up to 30 minutes to get to some of the terminals but we cannot be held liable for any loss you might suffer should bad traffic or poor weather conditions cause you to miss your flight.

Whilst a map and directions to the car parks are usually provided by way of assistance to you, the Company cannot in any circumstances be held liable for any loss you might suffer should you get lost and miss your flight.

On departure date.

Failure to call 30 mins in advance will result in any and all carpark charge being incurred the customers responsibility. If the customer is arriving early. Will try and accommodate them as much as possible but can not guarantee earlier collection.

In the case of our Meet and Greet Service if your flight is delayed beyond midnight the Company reserves the right to pick you up at the airport terminal in our courtesy bus and drive you back to our car park to collect your vehicle.

6. Collecting your car

You must give us a call as soon as you are able to do so, once your flight lands and once again when you collected your final piece of luggage.

It will take the driver up to 20 mins after the second call to reach the meeting area for car returns.

If there is any delay we will inform you.

On return.

Please call us as soon as you have landed, and once again as soon as you have collected your last piece of luggage. The driver should be there within 20 mins of the last bag collected call.

We will cover up to and only 15mins after the driver arrives. Any charge after that shall be the customer's responsibility.

7. Bookings procedure, prices, cancellations and overstays

A Confirmation of Booking does not entitle you to any particular space in the car park. Please retain the collection email as proof of your right to drive away your car on return. In the absence of acceptable identification, the Company reserves the right not to release the vehicle. In any event the Company reserves the right to ask to see other acceptable identification before releasing your vehicle if the receipt is not provided.

Prices may be varied from time to time and whilst every effort will be made not to change prices during a period when they have been expressed to be valid, the Company reserves the right to change prices whether or not it gives notice of its intention to do so.

No charge is made for amendments to vehicle details, however customers should check Terms and Conditions for other products and car parks.

Bookings made at the special 'SAVER' price cannot be amended, and no refund will be given if the booking is cancelled.

Please note: The credit/debit card booking fee is non-refundable.

A No-Show fee of £25 will be made for non arrivals or cancellations made within one hour of the booked Meet and Greet time.

Customers wishing to shorten the length of stay for a booking, once the booking has commenced will still be liable to pay the whole fee for the service booked. Additional days parking over and above the booked parking period will be charged locally by the car park at their published rate.

8. Moving and relocation of vehicles

You must ensure that, before leaving the vehicle with the Company that it is in a roadworthy condition, (including tyres which meet the standards required by law), has enough fuel to be driven to the car park or airport terminal and back is taxed and holds a current MOT if applicable. The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept a car into their care which fails to meet these conditions as this could lead to it becoming liable under the Road Traffic Acts.

The Company reserves the right to move your vehicle to and from any other car park in its control. The Company is not liable for any Low Emission Zone charges for your vehicle.

9. Liens & agency

Every vehicle in the car park or being serviced by the Company is subject to a lien for all charges due or accruing from the customer to the Company, and a general lien for all and any monies due from the customers to the Company, such liens to be in existence whenever the vehicle is in the car park, notwithstanding that it may from time to time have been removed. If the said lien is not satisfied by the payment, within 28 days of notice given by the Company of its intention to sell the vehicle in default of payment, the Company may sell the vehicle by auction or otherwise and the proceeds of sale may be applied to all sums owing to the Company by the customer together with the expenses of the sale, and in connection with such sale the Company shall be entitled to charge reasonable parking charges in respect of the period during which the vehicle is in the possession of the Company. The Company reserves the right to apply to the DVLA for names and addresses of the owner where payment has not been made.

Any balance of purchase price remaining after satisfaction of such sums shall be held by the Company on behalf of the registered owner of the vehicle. Notice of intention aforesaid shall be deemed to have been properly and sufficiently given by the sending of written notice by prepaid post, addressed to the registered owner at his known address, whether or not the same is actually received.

Every person who enters into a contract with the Company for the parking of a vehicle in the car park, does so on behalf of themselves and all other persons having any proprietary, possessory or other financial or material interest in the vehicle.

10. Definitions

The 'Company' shall mean Amos Goldwyn Limited.

The 'Meet and Greet Service' is where the customer drops their vehicle off at the airport terminal and our driver brings it back to the car park and returns it to the airport terminal either on arrival/return or both.

The 'Car Park' refers to all carparks owned or rented by Amos Goldwyn Ltd for the purpose of storing vehicles.

11. Variations of the terms and conditions

No person has any authority to vary or alter these Terms and Conditions unless such variation is in writing under the hand of the Company Secretary or a Director of the company.

12. Email

Amos Goldwyn or associates may contact you with exclusive offers that we feel you may be interested in. You can opt out of receiving these emails by clicking the unsubscribe on booking form.

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